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In the state of Maryland, by law, the vehicle owner has the right to choose ANY repair facility for the appraisal and repair of their vehicle. An insurer, adjuster or appraiser may not recommend a specific repair facility without informing the vehicle owner he/she does not have to follow that recommendation, nor can they intimidate, coerce or threaten an owner to use a specific facility. In many cases insurance companies will try to STEER you to one of their Direct Repair Providers (DRP shops). These shops have negotiated lower pricing with and for the insurance companies. However, the lower price does not get passed on to you. Instead, often times what the consumer gets is lower quality repairs and short-cuts from the DRP shop trying to make up for the discount.

Our experienced technicians will give you a fair written estimate that is designed to preserve your vehicle’s value and warranty. We work with all insurance companies and will advocate on your behalf to ensure that your vehicle is repaired to quality standard.